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Ryan’s integrated suite of proprietary tax and compliance software improves overall tax and compliance performance, creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.

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Ryan Software Suite

Ryan Software transforms corporate tax and Abandoned and Unclaimed Property (AUP) departments through an innovative approach and design that combines the power of consulting expertise and technology. We infuse the intellectual capital of the most seasoned tax, compliance, AUP, and technology experts in the industry with a suite of intuitive and powerful software applications that exponentially improve accuracy, productivity, and compliance.

Our integrated suite of software products includes:

  1. PinPoint® The industry's most intelligent sales and use tax calculation engine available for improving accuracy, ensuring tax compliance, and mitigating risk.
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  2. RatePoint® A powerful, single-source solution for sales and use tax rate lookup and monitoring needs throughout the U.S., Canada, and major countries outside of North America.
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  3. FilePoint® Provides access to the largest body of electronic uploads in the market for sales and use tax filings.
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  4. ControlPoint A central repository for managing and sharing your purchase and/or sales exemption certificates to improve tax compliance and reduce audit exposure.
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  5. Tracker® PRO The most trusted abandoned and unclaimed property compliance software in the world.
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  6. RyanMail An integrated push-button service for automating mail operations and tracking your mailings.
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The depth of consulting expertise gained by working directly with many of the premier Fortune 1000 corporations around the world differentiates Ryan Software from other solutions. Our software solutions were designed by tax and AUP practitioners, for tax and AUP practitioners, and are rooted in the knowledge and experience gained by solving the most complex issues for many of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

PinPoint Sales and Use Tax Calculation Software

PinPoint is the industry’s most intelligent tax calculation engine available for improving accuracy, ensuring tax compliance, and mitigating risk. PinPoint is a powerful procurement-side sales and use tax calculation engine and data warehousing application. Utilizing a unique matrix weighting structure and a “no-default” transaction handling mechanism, PinPoint improves efficiency by providing the ability to effectively manage sales and use taxes for procurement activities in a process-oriented manner. Once implemented, PinPoint becomes the system-of-record for the tax department by warehousing transactions in a logical and organized manner to facilitate not only the day-to-day activities of the tax function, but also ensuring reliable audit-defense through embedded, client-specific tax research. 

PinPoint is the only tax calculation engine designed and developed by tax practitioners to ensure PinPoint tax accuracy. Incorporating functionality to address the root cause of tax calculation errors uncovered during years of tax advisory engagements for premier Fortune 1000 companies, PinPoint™ combines industry-leading tax expertise with state-of-the-art technology. 

Key Benefits
Hosted or on-premise solution:
Ryan Software can install PinPoint at your site, or we can host the system for a nominal fee and eliminate concerns about provisioning IT equipment that must be supported within your organization.

Minimal involvement:
PinPoint is a true tax solution that requires limited IT support to create the Accounts Payable (AP) extract and General Ledger (GL) write back. Because PinPoint™ operates as a “batch” tax calculation process with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, implementation and testing do not require as much involvement of cross-functional resources like Purchasing, Payables, and Information Technology.

Higher compliance: PinPoint is also the only no-default system available in the market today, allowing you to review any transactions above your thresholds that do not hit a tax matrix line. This is a tremendous advantage over all other systems that simply default to “taxable.”

Flexible reporting and analysis of vendor charged taxes: PinPoint also has robust reporting capabilities that can be used in conjunction with the tax data warehouse to give you complete visibility into your transactions. You can also report on the difference between the tax calculated by PinPoint and that charged by your vendors.

Flexible use tax expense budgeting: The system is also flexible enough to allow you to write back journal entries by division to properly allocate tax.

Combined sales and purchases data and tax return import file: PinPoint can import your sales transactional data into its warehouse to be leveraged for additional reporting capabilities, and the output can also be formatted to fuel your compliance process or any other system you wish to feed.

RatePoint Sales and Use Tax Rate Software

RatePoint is a proprietary single-source tax solution for rate lookup and monitoring needs. Its unique location-based monitoring functionality facilitates turn-key updates to sales and use tax rates for your North American locations, including the United States, Canada, Native American Reservations, Puerto Rico, and the outlying U.S. Territories. RatePoint data can be delivered two ways: a flat file or a web-based application. The file’s jurisdictions include breakouts by country, state, province, county, city, and multiple districts. District rates include, but are not limited to:

  • Alabama Police Jury
  • Regional Transportation Authorities
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authorities
  • Water Commissions
  • Special Purpose Districts
  • Mass Transit Authorities
  • School, Fire, and Drainage Districts
  • Capital Projects
  • Library and Hospital Districts

Key benefits rate lookups: Ryan Software can install RatePoint at your site, or we can host the system for a nominal fee and eliminate concerns about provisioning IT equipment that must be supported within your organization.

Minimal involvement: The application allows users to query tax rates by using filtering on location drivers, such as: state, county, city, and zip. Users can select the desired jurisdiction from a list of possible results.

Rate details: The details of any given rate include critical information for businesses concerned with accuracy, such as: the breakout of special taxing jurisdictions, max taxes, tax thresholds, and historical rate data.

Location-based rate monitoring: Users can create companies and sub-companies for which locations can be imported. Upon import, the application will automatically map as many locations as possible to the appropriate tax jurisdiction. Mapped locations will then be associated with those tax jurisdictions, allowing users to monitor their mapped locations for rate changes.

Transactional API: Web services support and facilitate communication with integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and/or third-party tax engines, automatically eliminating double-key entries and ensuring system synchronization. The RatePoint application supports a robust web-services Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate seamless integrations with other systems that can call for a tax rate (i.e., ERP and/or other billing systems).

Data exporting: Changes in rates month over month can be exported in CSV or XML formats for all the rates contained in the system or just those that are mapped to your locations.

Easy updating: The rate data can be easily updated by selecting either an incremental or master data update. Incremental updates track rate changes month over month. Master updates provide for a complete data refresh while maintaining all the rate history.

FilePoint Sales and Use Tax Compliance Software

FilePoint is the industry’s leading sales and use tax compliance system. FilePoint’s intuitive interface drives the creation of signature-ready forms and provides access to the largest body of electronic uploads in the market for sales and use tax filings. Hundreds of returns are married with powerful data transformations that give users unprecedented flexibility and control over their return preparation process. 

FilePoint has an intuitive setup for quickly creating users, legal entities, signatures, and returns calendars. After the initial setup is complete, the software’s flexible data import process takes over and produces returns in minutes. 

The key benefits of FilePoint include:

Flexible importation of data: FilePoint recognizes that different users have different data. Accordingly, the system allows for the import of gross, taxable, exempt, and tax amounts. It can use these data elements to “gross up” or “gross down” amounts that need to find their way onto the returns. In addition, it has the ability to perform overrides on the data being imported. This allows users to correct data that may be incomplete, incorrect, or in need of mapping, as it is loaded into the system.

Flexible handling of data: FilePoint does not discriminate on imported data. It can handle amounts that are due on future filings (annual or quarterly returns), as well as amounts that may need to be “held” because, for example, they represent credits without an offsetting liability. If the data has errors, it will still be brought into the system where users can correct those errors, thereby eliminating the need to fix the data outside of the system and re-import it.

FilePoint can handle multiple legal entities in a single instance, so it is perfectly suited for companies of all sizes, as well as consulting firms that produce returns for their clients.

ControlPoint Exemption Certificate Management Software

ControlPoint provides complete control over your exemption certificates to improve tax compliance and reduce audit exposure. ControlPoint is a robust central repository for managing and sharing purchase and/or sales exemption certificates, substantially mitigating audit exposure for missing or incomplete documentation while dramatically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax department.

ControlPoint can be hosted by Ryan Software or deployed locally, and is ideal for firms of any size that have a need for exemption certificate management in a secure, flexible, easy-to-use software application. The system provides many ways to send and receive certificates, ensuring that your records are complete, and substantial savings from the elimination of unnecessary penalties and interest due to missing certificates are realized.

Key Benefits
Centralized access to your critical information: A centralized repository for all of your certificate documentation accessible through your web browser, with summary data concerning the overall health of users’ exemption certificate compliance viewed from a central dashboard.

Control over your certificate data: The ability to track all relevant information about users' exemption certificates, including expiration dates, blanket vs. one-time use, and more.

Validation of your customer certificates: A robust set of validation tools for reviewing certificates and validating them against checklists, as well as the format of the certificate numbers on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.

Unparalleled communication capabilities: A powerful, customizable correspondence engine that can send off batch emails or physical letters to your customers and vendors to proactively manage your exemption certificates, automatically sending out requests for certificates that are deficient, expired, or near expiration.

Integrations to other systems: Web services support that facilitates communication with integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and/or third-party tax engines, automatically eliminating double-key entries and ensuring system synchronization.

Reporting to assist you with your analysis and compliance activities: Robust reporting that summarizes all expired and/or faulty certificates, tracks collaboration and project workflow, and provides tax ID format validation and ID number validation links.

Vendor-side functionality: Vendor/purchase certificate generation and management utilizing a vast library of state tax certificates.

Easy access to critical information: Quick and easy links to customer or sales certificates, with the ability to request and receive certificates from customers, including the ability to have customers sign certificates online and submit them back in real time.

Tracker PRO Unclaimed Property Compliance Software

Tracker PRO is the most trusted abandoned and unclaimed property compliance system in the world. This application has been used for over 20 years by more than 4,000 companies to address complex and evolving compliance requirements, manage and mitigate risks, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity. Tracker PRO integrates and maps jurisdictional compliance requirements through a centralized hierarchy providing a simple solution to a complex issue. Tracker PRO’s relational approach in managing holders' unclaimed property records provides enterprise-wide visibility unmatched by our competitors.

Tracker PRO features an updated intuitive user interface, increased efficiency, and enhanced functionality that provides users validation and forecasting reports to help minimize audit risks. Additional features, timely regulatory/system updates, record and report verification, and improved security provide assurance that highly accurate reports are generated and sent to the unclaimed property jurisdictions in a timely manner.

Key Features

  • Manage multiple holders centrally
  • Safeguard owner and property data with database encryption
  • Consolidate unclaimed property records through an import process
  • Generate due diligence letters
  • View state-specific requirements for abandoned property reporting
  • Generate state reports in preapproved formats (printed and electronic)
  • Generate valuable internal reports and a transaction log that provides an audit trail with before and after values
  • Assure compliance and report acceptance with more than 800 data validation controls
  • Create custom reports to display data in multiple formats
  • Allow multiple tasks to run simultaneously with parallel processing
  • Restrict access at the holder, menu, and field levels with robust logical security management
  • Prevent unauthorized access or theft with database encryption

RyanMail Automated Mailing Software

RyanMail electronically transmits your mail documents from Tracker, Tracker PRO, and ControlPoint to a network of printers around the country, which validates the addresses, prints them, stuffs the envelopes, and applies the postage.

Searchable screens containing every detail of your mailings, including copies of the letters and their status, provide improved compliance, visibility, and reporting. Users also have multiple postage options such as first-class or certified mail.

Whether it is unclaimed property due diligence letters, exemption certificates, or any other documents required to run your business, your organization can increase compliance with better visibility while saving time and money on mail operations—freeing your capital to invest, grow, and thrive.

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Ryan has provided BASF outstanding value by recovering overpaid taxes while identifying and implementing tax automation services, streamlining tax decision processes, and integrating industry-leading tax software to improve our tax performance.
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